Updated: Nov 4, 2020

PHAGE is the UNIGE Life Sciences PhD student-driven association that aims at increasing the interactions between the UNIGE Faculties of Medicine and Sciences. We wish a good start to PHAGE and we are looking forward to hearing about upcoming events (more infos at:

  • janduslab

Dont' miss the oppourtinity to listen to the latest in ILC identification by multiparametric flow cytometry. Sara's talk will take place during the Flow cytometry course, FOCIS, Thursday 29th October, 11.15 am PT.

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

Well done, Giulia, for being awarded a free registration grant to attend the WIRM XIV next 4th-7th October. Giulia will present her work during the Workshop 6, on October 6th, 14.10-14.20.

Maryline's abstract has also been selected for an oral presentation. Her talk will be on October 4th, Workshop 2, 13.10-13.20.

Don't miss their talks!