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  • Wang C., Zeng Q., Gül ZM., Wang S., Pick R., Cheng P., Bill R., Wu Y., Naulaerts S., Barnoud C., Hsueh PC., Moller SH., Cenerenti M., Sun M., Jemelin S., Petrenko V., Dibner C., Hugues S., Jandus C., Li Z., Michielin O., Ho PC., Garg AD., Simonetta F., Pittet MJ. and Scheiermann C. Circadian tumor infiltration and function of CD8 T cells dictate immunotherapy efficacy. Cell 2024 May; 2: S0092-8674(24)00410-0


Scientific Articles

  • Falquet M., Su Z., Wyss T., Ercolano G., Trabanelli S. and Jandus C. Dynamic single-cell regulomes characterize human peripheral blood innate lymphoid cell subpopulations. iScience 2023 Aug; 26: 107728

  • Chiritoiu GN., Munteanu CVA., Sulea TA., Spiridon L., Petrescu AJ., Jandus C., Romero P. and Petrescu SM. Methionine oxidation selectively enhances T cell reactivity against a melanoma antigen. iScience 2023 Jun; 26:107205

  • Ansaryan S., Liu Y-C., Li X., Economou A.M., Sigrid Eberhardt C., Jandus C. and Altug H. High-throughput spatiotemporal monitoring of single-cell secretions via plasmonic microwell arrays. Nat Biomed Eng. 2023 Jul ; 7:943-958

  • Forte D., Pellegrino RM., Trabanelli S., Tonetti T., Ricci F., Cenerenti M., Comai G., Tazzari P., Lazzarotto T., Buratta S., Urbanelli L., Narimanfar G., Alabed HBR., Mecucci C., La Manna G., Emiliani C., Jandus   C., Ranieri VM., Cavo M., Catani L. and Palandri F. Circulating extracellular particles from severe COVID-19 patients show altered profiling and innate lymphoid cell-modulating ability. Front Immunol 2023 May; 14:1085610

  • Fiordi B., Salvestrini V., Gugliotta G., Castagnetti F., Curti A., Speiser DE., Marcenaro E., Jandus C. and Trabanelli S., IL-18 and VEGF-A trigger type 2 Innate lymphoid cell accumulation and pro-tumoral function in Chronic Myeloid Leukemia, Haematologica, 2023 Apr 6

  • Boulay A., Trabanelli S., Boireaau S., Boyer-Clavel M., Nisole S., Romero P, Jandus C., Beignon A-S. and Arhel NJ. Assessing the impact of persistent HIV infection on innate lymphoid cells using in vitro models. Immunohorizon. 2023 March 1; 7(3):243-255.

  • Wang C., Barnoud C., Cenerenti M., Sun M., Caffa I., Kizil B., Bill R., Liu Y., Pick R., Garnier L., Gkountidi OA., Ince LM., Holtkamp S., Fournier N., Michielin O., Speiser DE., Hugues S., Nencioni A., Pittet MJ., Jandus C. and Scheiermann C. Dendritic cell direct circadian anti-tumor immune responses. Nature 2023 Feb ; 614:136-143


Scientific Articles

  • Roma S., Camiasaschi C., Mancuso P., Trabanelli S., Vanazzi A., Villa S., Prati D., Fiori S., Lorenzini D., Tabanelli V., Pileri S., Tarella C., Jandus C. and Bertolini F. Dampening of cytotoxic innate lymphoid cells: A new tumor immune escape mechanism in B cell non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Cell Immunol 2022 Sept ; 382:104615

  • Urena C., Ballesteros-Ramirez R., Gomez-Cadena A., Barreto A., Prieto K., Quijano S., Aschner P., Martinez C., Zapata-Cardona M.I., El-Ahanidi H., Jandus C., Florez-Alvarez L., Rugeles M.T., Zapata-Builes W., Garcia A.A. and Fioretino S. Randomized double-blind clinical study in patients with COVID-19 to evaluate the safety and efficacy of a phytomedicine (P2Et). Front Med 2022 Sept ; 9:991873

  • Ercolano G., Moretti A., Falquet M., Wyss T., Tran NL., Senoner I., Marinoni M., Agosti M., Salvatore S., Jandus C. and Trabanelli S. Gliadin-reactive vitamin D-sensitive proinflammatory ILCPs are enriched in celiac patients. Cell Reports 2022 June; 39(11):110956

  • Calvi M., Di Vito C., Frigo A., Trabanelli S., Jandus C. and Mavilio D. Development of human ILCs and impact of unconventional cytotoxic subsets in the pathophysiology of inflammatory diseases and cancer. Front Immunol 2022 May ; 13:914266

  • Cenerenti M., Saillard M., Romero P. and Jandus C. The era of cytotoxic CD4 T cells. Front Immunol 2022 Apr ;13 :867189

  • Trabanelli S., Ercolano G., Wyss T., Gomez-Cadena A., Falquet M., Cropp D., Imbratta C., Leblond MM., Salvestrini V., Curti A., Adotevi O., Jandus C. and Verdeil G. c-Maf enforces cytokine production and promotes memory-like responses in mouse and human type 2 innate lymphoid cells. EMBO J 2022 Apr ; e109300

  • Ercolano G., Trabanelli S., Jandus C. and Jandus P. IL-9R loss in innate lymphoid cell type 2 reflects Treg impairment in mastocytosis patients. J Invest Allergol Clin Immunol 2022 Apr ; 12

  • El Ahanidi H., El Azzouzi M., Hafidi Alaoui C., Tetou M., Bensaid M., Chaoui I., Benbacer L., Hassan I., Oukabli M., Michaud K., Ameur A., Al Bouzidi A., El Mzibri M., Jandus C. and Attaleb M. Immune checkpoint and telomerase crosstalk is mediated by miRNA-138 in bladder cancer. Front Onocol 2022 Feb ; 11:795242

  • Vanoni G., Jandus C. and Trabanelli S. Static adhesion assay for human peripheral blood mononuclear cells. Bio Protoc 2022 Jan;12(1):e4276



Scientific Articles

  • Ben Khelil M., Aeberli L., Perchaud M., Genolet R., Abdeljaoued S., Borg C., Binda D., Harari A., Jandus C., Muller G. and Loyon R., A new workflow combining magnetic cell separation and impedance-based cell dispencing for gentle, simple and reliable cloning of specific CD8 T cells. SLAS Technol 2021 Dec:S2472-6303(21)00020-0

  • Falquet M., Ercolano G., Jandus P., Jandus C. and Trabanelli S. Healthy and patient type 2 innate lymphoid cells are differently affected by in vitro culture conditions. J Asthma and Allergy 2021;14:773-783

  • Serino S., Trabanelli S., Jandus C., Fellrath J., Grivaz P., Paladino MP. and Serino A. COVID-19 pandemics sharpens the differentiation of the peripersonal space between self and others. Current Biology 2021 Jul;31(14):R889-R890

  • Benkhoucha M., Ngoc LT., Breville G., Senoner I., Jandus C. and Lalive P. c-Met enforces proinflammatory and migratory features of human activated CD4+ T cells. Cell Mol Immunol 2021 Aug;18(8):2051-2053

  • Ercolano G., Gomez-Cadena A., Dumauthioz N., Vanoni G., Kreutzfeldt M., Wyss T., Michalik L., Loyon R., Ianaro A., Ho P-C., Borg C., Kopf M., Merkler D., Krebs P., Romero P., Trabanelli S. and Jandus C. PPARg drives IL-33 dependent ILC2 pro-tumoral functions. Nat Comm 2021 May; 12(1):2538.

  • Saillard M., Cenerenti M., Romero P. and Jandus C., Impact of Immunotherapy on CD4 T cell phenotypes and function in Cancer. Vaccines 2021 May; 9(5):454

  • Hofmann M., Jandus C., Lee LN. and Utzschneider DT. Editorial: Memory T cells in chronic infections and tumors. Front Immunol 2021; 12:656010.

  • Cachot A, Bilous M, Liu Y-C, Li X, Saillard M, Cenerenti M, Rockinger AG, Wyss T, et al. Tumor-specific cytolytic CD4 T cells mediate immunity against human cancer. Sci Adv 2021 Feb; 7(9):eabe3348

  • Vanoni G, Ercolano G, Candiani S, Rutigliani M, Lanata M, Derré L, Marcenaro E, Schneider P, et al. Human primed ILCPs support endothelial activation through NF-kB signaling. Elife 2021 Feb;10:e58838

  • Gomez-Cadena A., Spehner L., Kroemer M., Ben Khelil M., Bouiller K., Verdeil G., Trabanelli S., Borg C., Loyon R. and Jandus C. Severe COVID-19 patients display an ILC2 NKG2D+ population in their impaired ILC compartment. Cell Mol Immunol 2021;18(2):484-486.


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